A Cardano (ADA) Decentralized Voting System Might Just be What the World Need to Change its Political Outlook

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano, while presenting his speech at the Independent National Convention, began laying out some important political history of the United State. He highlighted three times in history where presidents who are thought to be entirely different are elected with the hopes that they will improve things in the state. But the end was somewhat the same as the results were the same and situations were not different. He stated that the major challenge is not in the type of person that has been elected, but somehow, the system of checks and balances has been manipulated. Thus, even if people clamor for a change, things will continue to be the same. 

“… in the last century, people have undone those checks and balances systematically, and created structures that gain consent by division; created structures that control the flow of information…”

This kind of structure naturally chokes new ideas or information that tend to dethrone existing and tailored ones that control the system. People want new candidates, but these candidates carry “alternative vision and messages” that will be “de-platformed at any time” he said, “then what do they matter”. Well-meaning candidates can easily be made into monsters by people whose day-job is to look into details about ugly pasts of people and write about them. No one will be free from this kind of freedom. This is why, even the most brilliant people on earth,  may never be qualified or voted to hold political positions where they can make changes. 

Changes will only begin to surface when changes are made to how information is handled, how the media operate, and how people treat each other. Charles said:

“We must change the way we vote, we must change the way the media works, we must change the way information flows and how we treat each other… if we don’t do that, you will never get a great candidate,… we will never change those who run the system”

The cryptocurrency industry, as he iterated, does not follow a system where some set of people determine “who is legitimate and who is not in the flow of information”. The crypto industry rewrites this rule. Its core is based on a transparent voting system where everyone has an equal opportunity to be seen. And for more than ten years the crypto system of things have worked, it changed things. Charles said, “…One of these days, we (IOHK) are probably going to end up building election systems for them”. This kind of system will put people’s identity, data, and votes back in their hands. 

IOHK built Atala Prism which is an identity and credential solution built on the Cardano blockchain. The system helps students to share their academic achievements and certifications securely and transparently. Institutions are also able to instantly verify those credentials. Building a voting system using Cardano blockchain will never be an issue.

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