Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Will Be Whatever It Needs To Be and What the Market Requires

Roger Ver stated, Bitcoin Cash adoption continues to spread because it works as cash. However, one of the users replied stating, there is no crypto that work as cash.  At least for now, every crypto that is accepted is immediately exchanged to fiat.

Someone also tried to make fun stating, cash is already there, why would I need anything that works like cash.

One of the supporters tried to clarify stating, people can talk shit about BCH as much as they want but you don’t see anyone doing ANYTHING for bitcoin ever but trying to pump their bags that’s the only truth, meanwhile you have people doing all they can to make BCH adopted to make lives better.

When someone asked if there was a lighting (or equivalent) for Bitcoin Cash, one of the replies was Nope, with further clarification on how the BCH camp think second layer scaling is bad, otherwise they’ll have to admit their choice in the block size war was not the best one.

Technically, they’d also need a fix of SegWit for malleability bug, which otherwise renders payment channels a nightmare to handle.

Some users proposed their opinions by stating, problem is that BCH is not making cash better at anything, not to mention a small user base.  Bitcoin on the other hand, is making gold much better. And, if I need to use cash, I can always top-up a visa card with a small % of my BTC. Where’s the added value?

Naysayers opined, PayPal is a way more efficient way to send funds. Bitcoin Cash has all the drawbacks of centralized services while it also has the downsides of blockchain inefficiency.

In response to what the world has to say about BCH, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “Roger Ver of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is very persistent and believes in the capabilities of BCH.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) What the Market Requires

While some feel Bitcoin Cash will be forgotten, several community members are confident about it. They are hopeful that BCH will be whatever it needs to be and what the market requires.

Many strongly believe that if BTC was replaced by BCH, then Bitcoin would be so much more useful. However, counter theories state that Bitcoin was designed for everyone to be their own bank, and without their own full node that cannot be a case without which BCH can become centralized solution, and that there are a bunch of those already.

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