Cardano (ADA) Getting Busy with Goguen Charles Takes a Break from AMA to Focus More

Goguen is expected to bring more value to the Cardano Ecosystem.  Goguen makes is possible to build decentralized apps (DApps) on Cardano’s solid foundation based on peer-reviewed research and high assurance development.

Charles Hoskinson tweeted: “Alright Kids, this week has been action packed and exhausting, but we made some incredible progress. I’m taking a social media and AMA break until the hard fork on the 29th to deep focus on Goguen and the next parts of the roadmap. See you soon.”

The work for Goguen has been happening in parallel with Shelley. When this work is complete it will provide for users from technical and non-technical backgrounds to be able to create and execute functional smart contracts on the Cardano Network.

Plutus, a smart contract development language using Haskell brings the benefits of functional programming to smart contract creation. It contributes to improving the coherency and usability and development experience associated with existing smart contract implementations.

Goguen by making use of Marlowe will make it possible for financial and business experts without any previous technical knowledge to create smart contracts.

Goguen will add to improvements to the core Cardano offering.  The multi-currency ledger will be extending the usefulness of Cardano, making it possible for users to create natively supported tokens.  Further, fungible and non-fungible tokens can thus be created. Integrating smart contracts and Dapps with multiple cryptocurrencies will become easy.

Goguen is about providing for the development of enterprise-level, mission-critical, decentralized smart contract applications.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Cardano (ADA) have a clear roadmap of their Goals and now they are working on Goguen making it possible to create Dapps. Waiting.”

Cardano (ADA)  Newsletter on Break for Short While

Lot of overhauling happening with many things related to Cardano.

Cardano Community tweeted:  “#CardanoCommunity Newsletter  -  8th July, 2020 Please note, we will be taking some time to refresh our newsletter. This will be the last one you’ll receive for a short while.”

Cardano are set to be 1000 times more decentralized than Bitcoin, it is a community and not a company, it is money, facilitate smart contracts, and it is set to be unstoppable and is all in work to revolutionize the blockchain world.

The source code of Cardano is of top level quality and some say it is at par with the quality standards of work done at NASA or SpaceX. We need to wait to see the results of the work which Charles and his team are set to do until July 29, 2020.

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