Cardano (ADA) Price Should Prove Itself Changing Collaborative Patterns Post Pandemic

Cardano Foundation retweeted on how Daedalus 2.1.0 is the first major update to the #Daedalus wallet and introduces two new features: ITN rewards redemption, and spendable rewards.

Of note, the community are excited as they did not expect to see these features getting rolled out very fast.

One of them stated that they just downloaded it and tested it on Windows 10, and stated that it looks like the sync issue is resolved. Further stated that the Wallet loads in 2 to 5 minutes and synced 100% without issues. Congratulated stating it is a Great job on the optimization.

When one of them expressed a concern asking if there is a published timeline for when they can redeem ITN for those who used the Yoroi wallet? The reply was that one should be able to use the same recovery phrase and retrieve from Daedalus.

While all these are happening, one of the concerned investors queried, “Why ada transfer fee is so high 2.174257 A If we assume EOY 1 ada costs 2$ it is extremely high.” While one of them replied stating that Free money and you are worried about that; yet another commentator stated, “#Cardano fees are a calculation where a x b x size where a and b are constants and size is the size of transaction.”

Let us wait to see the price action and the transfer fees very soon. And, yes the speed of transactions. Past the initial glitches the rest are expected to be fine. If any basic issues come up the team will fix it hopefully soon.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Cardano (ADA) is stepping into reality and is under the close scrutiny of those who bought the hype. We need to see how the price will prove itself.”

Cardano (ADA) Effective Community Governance

Meanwhile IOHK blog tweeted about how robust and effective community governance stays in the heart of their decentralized vision for Cardano.  Reinstating on how the future of collaboration, decision making, and tackling of shared challenges is set to happen.

Governance is crucial as the blockchain is moving from vision to real-world scenario.  After the pandemic there is a widespread economic weakness.  It is time when financial institutions are reconsidering about how they can further collaborate in the light of challenging international situations. Robust tools and new behavior patterns are improving the way we collaborate contributing to collective changes.

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