Dash Improving on Spending Opportunities for Users among American Merchants

Dash is a cryptocurrency fork of Bitcoin and that much is known to many.  The goal of Dash coming in to being was to provide for faster and more private transactions.  Being a DAO, the network is run and verified by nodes.  They have private transaction capability. And, the important of all, they are contending to be at part with some of the big names in the cryptocurrency space.

Dash tweeted:  “155,000 American Merchants to Accept DASH as Payment! The Dash Investment Fund (DIF) has invested in CrayPay, a mobile payment platform that provides instant savings at over 155,000 locations and 75 national retail sites.”

The CrayPay platform deal will provide some decent incentive for both consumers and retailers.  Mobile payment is also facilitated to improve on cryptocurrency adoption.  China already has many users and America is now catching up.

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group when talking about the partnership stated, “CrayPay is the perfect solution to provide Dash users with a convenient method of spending their Dash at a huge number of merchant locations, through an application that delivers a great purchase experience.”

So, users will now be able to spend and receive Dash back from American retail and online merchants. Of note, this is happening after an investment in CrayPay by the Dash Investment Fund.

Dash and Social Payments

Felix Mago, Co-Founder Dash Next at the AIBC Europe Virtual Expo recently spoke about how DeFi is restructuring the financial world as well as on the important development and role of Dash especially in this particular field.

The panel discussed about whether DeFi banks restructure the financial world.  They have covered wide topics ranging from mortgage to bank loans and more on how the future will look.

Tone Vays, a panelist stated, “The developments to make bitcoin faster, cheaper and more private are happening. The statement move fast and break things is great when you’re building a messaging app but not so great when we’re talking about people’s life savings.”

In summary, the panelists shared an optimistic view of the future of decentralized financial solutions, but also warned that great care must be taken when creating these structures.

Meanwhile stories about users being able to pay for their Donuts with Dash continues. Big money is all set to flow in to the Dash ecosystem and truly social payments are evolving to be the future and it is obvious in the Dash ecosystem.

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