Dash Platform to Make the Payment Focused Blockchain a Cloud Platform

Dash have released insights about their new Dash Platform.  The world’s first of its kind decentralized HTTP API blockchain verified storage of user data with human readable usernames working on top of cryptographic addresses and more is set to be.

Even with scaling advancements, early Dash users realized that basic blockchain technology is not suitable for the kinds of payment applications in everyday use. Like paying friends and family by username or getting rewarded for shopping with favorite merchants or having global log in credentials that allow us to easily create new accounts all across the web.

The Dash Network realized that in order to become the payment option it needed to be more than just a scalable blockchain. It needed to become compatible with web technology that users and developers are already familiar with. In short, it needed to become a cloud. So, with that goal in mind the Dash network announced in late 2015 that it would undergo an evolution. Fast forward to today, and the Dash network is preparing to deploy the largest and final installment of that evolution. It is called Dash Platform.

Dash tweeted:  “Dash is Becoming a Cloud! This is episode 1 of a 5 part video series on Dash Platform. Please subscribe & click the notification bell.  For future updates & to receive a notification when new episodes are published.”

So, the 5 video series will provide the explanation to understand the evolution of Dash to Cloud.

Dash is a payment focused cryptocurrency and it will now be making it possible for data to be stored within their network by providing for a decentralized cloud service.  This Dash Platform for cloud has been under development for quite a long time.  This have been doing to evolve on the cryptocurrency functionalities from Dash.

The Dash Platform is set to provide for 4 features: “A Dash Drive, a decentralized API, or DAPI, a username layer, or DPNS, and the Dash platform protocol, or DPP.”

Thus, Dash will become the first peer-peer cryptocurrency that functions like a cloud service.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Decentralized drive and a username layer instead of alphanumeric addresses. Dash platform will be making Dash a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency. Great!”

DASH Core Progressing

Meanwhile, it has been reported that testing for Dash Core v0.16 is still ongoing. The last release candidate was out this week and includes the block reallocation code. They have asked for help so that they can get to mainnet faster.

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