Dash Statistics Getting Fantastic Therefore They are Dash-Stastic Stats

There has been an increased interest in Dash Pay from investors.  Dash is very scarce and there is only 9.8 million Dash in circulation.  The price of Dash is also seen increasing over the past few days. Considering the Trend is your friend logic investors are getting pretty interested in Dash.

Dash statistics are getting increasingly interesting and this is one reason for why Mark Mason called it “Look at the Dash-tasting stats” as if he meant to imply that things were fantastic for Dash. Further stated that this is just a beginning for Dash.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Dash community are expecting a pump to happen, they have to say the current trend is just a warm up, let us wait and see what happens.”

Dash Portuguese on Increasing Crypto Adoption in Retail Purchases

Dash Core Group’s Omar Hamwi spoke exclusively about cryptocurrency adoption, crypto industry challenges, digitizing the economy and CBDCs.

He pointed to how there has been a significant change in the buying behavior in the retail market since the quarantine times during the COVID-19.

There has been a decline in face to face sale and there is an increasing need to change money between hands without fear of infection.  This has in turn fueled the growth of digital payments.  In countries whose currencies are volatile, there is a widespread search for alternative currencies.  In some countries, physical stores have been closed and this has affected the economy in many ways. There is an increased promotion of online retail purchase methods and users are interested in minimizing transaction costs, thus reducing the overall price of things purchased online.

Cryptocurrencies are hailed to help in this situation. Not all cryptos are suitable for every purpose.  There are only a few cryptos who are useful for day to day transactions. And, it is very true that Dash has these characteristics.

For instance, in Latin American is the Number 1 digital currency in usage. The instant transaction speed and negligible fees make it the retailer’s favorite.

He also pointed to how in the case of credit cards stores are having to charge anywhere from 2 to 4% and are eventually having to increase the price of their services and products to manage the expenses. With Dash charging just a fraction of a cent it is possible for merchants to significantly reduce the cost on the products and improve on the volume of the business.

Even when exchange fees and processing fees are taken in to consideration with Dash transactions, the costs are going to be less.

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