Dash Total Available Budget to be paid out across DAO projects

Philippines has been showing great potential for Dash particularly in terms of remittances and businesses.  In a recent Dash Talk, Veronica Andrino, Dash Philippines @dashphp Head Ambassador

Dash tweeted:  “Another Successful Dash Budget Cycle passed, 5024.98 Dash will be paid out across all voted in DAO projects in the next 24h”

Dash Futures is gaining improved attention.  Dash Futures is an agreement to buy or sell a specific quantity of Dash for a pre-determined price at a particular time point in future.

Buying Dash Futures is attractive for traders as they will be able to control more Dash tokens by making use of leverage, which is 10x to 50x and is not uncommon.  Selling DASH futures permits the traders to profit from a decline DASH price.

Most of the Dash futures contracts traded on cryptocurrency exchanges do not have expiry dates.  They are called Dash perpetual futures or Dash perpetual swaps.  Those who are buying Dash Futures and are looking to profit from the increase in the price of Dash and they commonly open a long Dash Futures position. However, this reportedly does not work out well when the price falls more than 10%

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Whether bullish or bearish about Dash Futures, it is here to stay as a part of the trading options for investors. “

Those who are prospecting might want to learn how the Dash Futures Work.

DASH Improved Range of User Experience

Dash Thailand recently partnered with Threefold and gave an easy 5 step guide on how to set up a Dash Masternode. The Threefold and Dash are set to facilitate more of publications to help users deploy dash nodes.

The partnership believes that there is a lot they can exploit together.  Their current purpose is however to get people started and also making developers understand that the configuration can be tweaked with perfection with other experts in the community.  They clarify that most of the deployments have a common pattern and that it just requires a change in the underlying inputs.

Lot of Dash Partnerships are happening facilitating improved ranges of user experience.  Dash has already has the foundation in place to ensure they flourish for the years to come, particularly with the Trust whose beneficiaries are the Masternodes.

Thus, making it possible to ensure a strong balance sheet with competitive proposals. Interesting because several proposal owners are competing with the Master Nodes by funding their own balance sheets.

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