DigiByte and PACGlobal Platforms Partnering Up Calabar to Lagos Excited about DGB

It was good news about PA Coin from the DigiByte members.  The way things are progressing it just looks like Digibyte to the Moon.  PAC Coin Official have done a great job by running a DigiAssets server on their IPFS network along with implementing Digibyte for payments in the future products that they will release for IPFS.

The DigiByte and PAC Global are in a partnership will add PAC Global’s Masternode layer to the already powerful DigiAssets platform.  Good for DigiByte and PACGlobal platforms.

Josiah Crypto Messiah Spackman tweeted:  “It’s #DigiByte update time!! I talk about the @PACcoinOfficial partnership, leveraging their masternodes for IPFS. We’ve got an interview with @noahseidman & @cryptygirl talking about Ren wrapped $DGB Finally an interview with @jaredctate & @LunarCRUSH!”

Josiah Crypto Messiah Spackman in his update #216, spoke about how Cryptygirl and Noah caught up for a great chat predominantly around DigiByte and a Ren wrapper.

Further, Noah, Jared and Joisah also caught up with Joe and Jon from LunarCRUSH, and they seemed to have had a fantastic chat about the social metrics of DigiByte, about what it all means and some of the awesome information, which one will be able to glean from their platform.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “I see the social indicators for Digibyte are always positive and favorable for DGB.  People power is the hardest to earn, good they have earned it. “

DigiByte (DGB) from Calabar to Lagos

James Enajite, a Crypto currency enthusiast, trader and trainer. Passionate for the things of the kingdom of God and a lover of humanity tweeted:  “We are moving swiftly with the power of @DigiByteCoin from Calabar to Lagos (our next point of call) and to every other city until #DigiByte is on the lips of everyone as a means of payment.

It is good to see that several Digibyte community members are hosting events and spreading the word about DGB.  Real people are experiencing the benefits of CGB real time and they are happy about it.

Jared Tate seemed to acknowledge the event by retweeting:  “A small group of people from Nigeria that supports the Digibyte community in the pic below.  Digibyte = truly decentralized like bitcoin. No one can shut it down and no central authority.”

The success of Digibyte is powered by several small groups of such community members from across the world, thereby making it truly decentralized from across the world. Every such event is an economically empowering event.

There are several members who have tried Mining few DGB for fun and they have expressed that this is the most innovative, decentralized, and forward thinking blockchain.

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