DigiByte (DGB) Community Excited About PayPal Embracing Blockchain Technology

The global DigiByte family recently congratulated the PaxosGlobal team for all the hard work they have done to bring crypto to 286 million active users on PayPal.

There is a lot of excitement in the DigiByte community about PayPal embracing the Blockchain Technology. They have also stated that PayPal likes speed and that Digibyte is 40x faster than Bitcoin, 10x faster than Litecoin with a max supply of 21 billion and much lower Tx fees than Ethereum.  And that, it is perfect for payments.

The community opines that Digibyte deserves to be an option in PayPal.  And, that it is built for transaction, but faster and cheaper fees than bitcoin besides the huge Fan base. Some of them however, felt that DGB is the cousin that no one takes seriously.

One of the members stated,21 Billion is a hard cap that will be reached in the year 2035. This means there

will be 1,000 DGB for every 1 BTC ever mined. This is much more effective for everyday payments of goods and services. This is one of the many use cases Digibyte was built for. 

Further, it has been stated that DigiByte can support more than 48 million transactions a day with 10 times the current transaction capacity of the top 50 block chains by market cap.

DigiByte Foundation retweeted:  The DGB Foundation just contributed the final 25% of the RandomX fundraiser. This is the future people! Imagine a day where we as a community (through our donations to the foundation) can pay developers full time to contribute to this project we all know and love! Donate today!”

When talking about DigiByte Capabilities, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Digibyte (DGB) are exploring all areas possible for DigiAssets whether DeFi, smart Contract, assets, apps or currencies.”

DigiByte (DGB) and Jared Tate

Jared Tate stated,DigiAssets can most definitely do anything “DeFi” & smart contract related. The difference is we do not have a simple point/click 1 line centralized asset issuance (Infura) because we devs are uncertain of legal liability. The capability to do anything decentralized is there.

He also stated, 1st we need to differentiate the 2 parts of a DigiAsset. 1st part is issuance, transfer & burn manipulation instructions. This is always & only stored on the DGB chain as an OP_RETURN in DigiByte txs. This is bare minimum for a DigiAsset to exist.

Jared Tate have also addressed a few other points about DigiAssets and assets Issuance. Those who are interested to know more might want to check it too.

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