KuCoin Exchange (KCS) are greatly supportive of Sun Genesis Mining Activity with TRX-Staking-For-SUN

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Pool-X (Exchange Staked-Crypto) tweeted:  “Pool-X will be supporting the $SUN Genesis mining activity, where users can stake $TRX on the platform to participate. The product for this activity is “TRX-Staking-For-SUN”. 

This is an official announcement from Pool-X and the Activity Period is:  “Activity period: 8pm on Sept 9 – 9pm on Sept 16 UTC+8.”

The expectation is that this is going to be huge.  When talking about the activity period it has been stated that all KuCoin users will be able to go to the ‘Staking’ page of the Pool-X website and participate by making use of the TRX on their Pool-X account.

They have given very clear income distribution rules, which reads thus: “24 hours after the activity ends, the same amount of TRX and corresponding SUN tokens can be withdrawn. During the staking period, in addition to the staking benefit from the project, users can also get a share of the POL mining rewards every day!The specific income will be distributed according to the relevant proportion of the total amount of staking TRX and the mined SUN.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Kucoin are well known for their different staking programs. Waiting to see how TRX-Staking-For-SUN unfolds.”

KuCoin Exchange (KCS) notes on TRX-Staking-For-SUN 

Users should get registered on KuCoin or Pool-X for joining the staking activity.  Further, Pool-X will be adjusting the relevant mining rules based on the official mining rules which have been published on the SUN official website dated September 14, 2020 (UTC+8).

Apart from this, during the staking period, users are permitted to redeem flexible products. Also during the redemption process of flexible products there needs to be certain days in minimum and also no staking profit will be generated during this period.  Those who are registering confirms that participating in the staking activity is voluntary, and that the KuCoin Group has not forced, interfered with, or influenced the user’s decision in any way.

Further, Kucoin expressed that they are extremely proud to announce another great DeFi project @SunMarket_DeFi will be listed on KuCoin soon. World Premiere! The supported trading pair will be SUN/USDT.”

This makes it very obvious that they are very excited about the Justin Sun introduced DeFi plans.  They seem to be supporting it all very strongly.

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