Polkadot (DOT) Knitting the Blockchain Ecosystem Together

Polkadot are all expecting the first edition of Polkadot Decoded all set to be released on December 03, 2020.  This is set to be the Polkadot community’s first official gathering ever since the multi-chain network’s launch and decentralization.

The event is set to feature a full program of talks related to all aspects of the Polkadot by the teams which have built the network’s core technology and also about building the ecosystem parachains, applications, and cross-network bridges.

The event will have Polkadot founder Gavin Wood closing the event with an illuminating fireside chat that is moderated by Unchained host Laura Shin.

The event is free and online and is good for anyone interested in getting to know more about Polkadot and connecting with the community irrespective of the technical experience. 

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Polkadot (DOT) simplifies creating blockchains and connecting them. Set to be a game changer pulling the entire blockchain ecosystem closer together.”

One of the users who liked Equilibrium Defi stated, I’m a fan of DOT projects.  Further stated, the Equilibrium got their launch of their testnet of their products MVP. Their 3 safety nets especially the insured liquidity fund stability make me sell all other insurance tokens and just buy $EQ.

Yet another user stated, Polkadot is such a great player in DeFi. For instance, based on Polkadot project EquilibriumDeFi on Testnet. That gives even more confidence. To the moon, guys!

There are several DeFi Teams as repoted by a reddit user u/ezoterik likeBet Protocol, Bifrost, Centrifuge, Clover Finance, Coinversation Protocol, DeFi DAO, DeGo, DTrade, Equilibrium, HydraDX, Injective Protocol, Keysians Network, Kylin Network, Linear Finance, MantraDAO, Nsure network, OAX, Plain Finance, Polimec, Polkadex, Polkastarter, Polymath, Reef, Rio Chain, Sora (Polkaswap), Stafi, Sublime Finance, SubDex, SushiSwap, Tidal Finance, and Zenlink Pro.

A lot of them are not public yet; however, very soon lot of then will be on the Polkadot ecosystem through the parachain.

Polkadot (DOT) on Smart Chain Wallet

MathChain is selected for the @substrate_io Builders program by Parity Tech.  MathWallet is set to be a cross-platform SOL wallet, which will enable users to securely send, receive, and store tokens. This wallet is all set to support all substrate-based blockchains, and will be able to connect to both the PolkadotJS extension and MathWallet extension.

Talking about MathChain, Polkadot tweeted:  “We are introducing a next-generation ‘Smart Chain Wallet’ which will address these problems by moving the logic of the smart contract into MathChain, which will be a Polkadot parachain.”

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