Polkadot Rebranding To Take DOT Beyond Binance Home Page Listing and Growth

An on-chain Polkadot rebranding is happening with the maximum input solicited from the Polkadot community. The Polkadot protocol are getting a rebranding with a difference by tying up with a design agency.  Thus, we can expect to see a new token icon, typography, messaging and more.

Since the decision making about design will be onchain in a way to permit the network participants, the participants are able to overlook the progression in terms of direction and evolution of the design.

Peter Mauric, head of public affairs at Polkadot developers Parity Technologies, stated, “Polkadot’s social contract is clear: changes to the network must be approved through its governance system, and that doesn’t just refer to code,” he explained. “Brand identity and direction are crucially important elements to a growing network like Polkadot, so it was never in doubt that these efforts would need to be led, funded, and approved by the community.”

It is important to note that Polkadot is the first of its kind, high profile agency to help with the design process.

The creative brief about Polkadot made it very clear that a lot is going to change like symbols, color, typography, brand imagery, tone of voice, and messaging.  Polkadot (DOT) rebranding will be getting done in a way to avoid confusion.  The rebranding will not make things unrecognizable or confusing for DOT.

The rebranding will take some time.  And, it will get completed in key milestones with due feedback over the makeover of the designs. Rebranding through a bounty in DOT will be unfolding soon.

Polkadot (DOT) to the Next Level

A lot of things are happening at the ecosystem level to take Polkadot to the next level. Lot of proposals investments and integrations are happening. Several staking pools are adding staking support for Polkadot.

Bill Laboon, for Technical Education Lead at Web3 Foundation:  Anyone want to work with me teaching people about Polkadot?

The attempts to make Web3 vision a reality is happening.  Technical education at entry level and internship are happening. Several of them have gotten intrigued about such offers.

Polkadot is expected to be more eventful in 2021 and action packed. Some of the notable projects to be launched this year are Frontier, Moonbeam, and Acala.  Some noteworthy rallies are expected.

The call for proposals for Polkadot Decoded 2021 has begun.  The Binance Home Page listing and $10M endorsement for DOT took it to some great surges in price.  Hopefully more in 2021.

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