Ripple For Good XRP Price Chart Outperforming Everything Indeed an Honest Analysis

A YouTube Channel from Blockchain Backer published, “IT WON’T QUIT! The Ripple XRP Price Chart is OUTPERFORMING Nearly EVERYTHING!” Looking in to the content of the video one of the real-time users by name Daniel Monk expressed how honest the video was and also commented about it.

 Daniel Monks commented:  You been speaking my language, I bought a load when everyone believed it had more down to go, and actually see your channel saying the same as me. I heard 9 cents 12 cents from some people which was crazy, but I can see what you see, it’s funny you brought up that it may overtake the 28 cents area, I’m wondering if we may push to 30, very hard to say but the retrace is exactly where I got it to 22cents, I’d rather pull back from 28 as I don’t want it to fall too hard if it pumps too high, a lot have been holding above for a while in the past year waiting to either break even or rebuy at a better price, but I think it’s bye bye 20 cents for now and hopefully a long long time. XRP is back in the mainstream media with positives, fingers crossed overall bullish for a while hitting its new bottom already.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert in this regard tweeted:  “It is good to see investors speak realistic about Ripple (XRP). It is good to know that it is not always about the Moon, Rocket and Pluto.”

Some of them felt that 28 cents seems the lowest target for next impulse; 31 cents more probable IMO.

However, several commentators to the video expressed that it was a honest analysis and congratulated him for being honest.

One of them recollected on how it was party time back in the old days when the price touched the 24 cents.

Ripple For Good for Equitable Global Financial System with XRP

Ripple continue to believe in the fully equitable global financial system.  They have therefore created something called “Ripple for Good.”

Ripple are already proud to have been named one of the 100 best workplaces for innovators. After the pandemic, businesses of all types are supposed to reinvent themselves.  And, Ripple are already good about having re-invented themselves.

David Schwartz recently reinstated on how maximalism does not help cryptocurrency to move forward. He acknowledges that there are no guarantees to crypto succeeding and that there needs to be a bigger ecosystem.  Things are evolving.

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