Ripple (XRP) are not Fleeing the US They are Just Impatient Waiting for Regulatory Clarity

Brad Garlinghouse expressed, some have suggested Ripple is “fleeing” the US, let me unequivocally say this is absolutely not the case. We’re a proud US-based company, and would like to stay here but a lack of regulatory clarity and level playing field is forcing us to evaluate other jurisdictions.

He also made statements like UK’s FCA and Singapore’s MAS have been leaders for years in providing clarity on using/trading assets – no surprise that both countries have traditional FIs leaning into using this technology. DBS’ (pre)announcement today is a prime example.

Some users acknowledged that it is important to stay the path as everything is headed in the right direction.  Yet others feel Ripple is not “fleeing” staying here while regulators drag their feet is costing Ripple valuable time in the technological war.

People serious about business have to say, this waiting is costing XRP dearly it really is, business is business at the end of the day, at the moment it’s no business.  There are those who think these major corporations get nice tax breaks for staying in that state?

Those who were concerned about the price of XRP stated, XRP’s biggest fault are the large holdings of the founders and yourself and that greed is why this token is .25.

To those who say that Bitcoin does not care about regulations, the fitting reply looked something like Bitcoin Tech will never be half as good as Ripple XRP.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan stated, “Though it might look like Ripple (XRP) is stagnant on a concrete, regulations will bring in a big bag of difference.”

Ripple (XRP) Target Countries

Of note, XRP is not considered a security by the Financial Conducting Authority.  They are also looking at countries with similar regulatory trends. Ripple makes use of XRP to move value within their institution-focused payment products.

Reportedly, Ripple are also considering Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and the United Arab Emirates as potential bases.

Singapore has been reinstated as a much better stable environment for XRP. Singapore is very stable in all aspects and very willing to respect and protect investors. Nationalism voices in UK, USA and EU in the recent past puts Singapore the top spot for investment.

The reality is that regulatory bodies have not anticipated this so fast and they have not done there preparatory work. Some feel that if Ripple did a payment deal with Amazon it would be epic.

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