Sia Network (SC) Blockchain Facilitated Skynet taking control away from Big Tech

Sia Network facilitated Skynet has lot of benefits to the end user.  Now, DeFi applications can be further secured by making use of Skynet.

Decentralized storage on the Skynet open protocol permits decentralized hosting of applications and data.  The cloud storage facilitated by Skynet is that which does not rely on any single entity.  The single-point-of-failure is removed from the equation and therefore decentralized systems are becoming more robust, secure, and censorship-resistant. Therefore good for use.

With Skynet, users need not any longer worry about losing their data or getting locked out of service. Further, the complexity in using the blockchain technologies, like having to use a full node and having to deal with buying and using cryptocurrency is done away with.

To begin using Skynet, the users can begin accessing a public web portal, get a Sky Link and download a file from any portal.

The future of Skynet is bright because developers are working hard to improve and innovate to the extent that the current technology will soon appear to be like the technology of the Stone Age.

David Vorick, Skynet Lead Developer tweeted:  “With the Skynet SDK, it is now easier to build a decentralized alternative to Dropbox than it is to build a centralized alternative to Dropbox.”

A prediction states that within three years, a large chunk of social media traffic will be carried by decentralized networks over which Big Tech exercises no control. They will have to play by the rules of such networks or be left in the dust.

Those who agree to the proposition have to state that Big Tech and the leading social media platforms are going out of their way to alienate at least half their user base (and more), the demand for alternative modes of communication which protect free speech should be great.

However, there are alternative thinkers who feel that Big Tech or some other powerful interest would spend significant resources to co-opt control of it. Further pointing to how the internet was not free for long before it became controlled.

In this regard, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “it is true as the Sia Network (SC – Siacoin) Community feels, social media decentralization will kick in soon.”

Sia Network (SC) New forms of Control

It is true that Sia Network and similar projects are seeking to make everything decentralized, but it cannot be denied that there will not be new forms of control over users.  Just like decentralization comes with innovation, there might also be innovation to expert control.

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