SiaCoin (SC) To Reach Wider Audiences With SkyDB on Blockchain as a Decentralized Version of DropBox

David Vorick stated that, Skynet in many senses is the first true cloud, where all data is available everywhere, regardless of the original application.  The community states that it is undeniably a great technology and that this is a real cloud.

Some investors expressed that they are not impressed by the marketing and they felt that they need to be investing in better marketing managers.

Recently Sia expressed that they are proud to announce the launch of SkyDB, which is the final building block by Skynet which enables the next-generation applications to compete with the siloed centralized web.

For those who do not know SkyDB, it is a new feature added to Skynet.  SkyDB as a framework permits Skynet users to be able to create decentralized accounts which will store mutable files in the accounts. It is the final building block which will be needed by Skynet to permit developers to build feature complete applications, which will compete with the likes of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Snap Chat.  Of note SkyDB are already supported in the Javascript SDK for Skynet.

Concerning SkyDB Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “SiaCoin (SC) Community are excited about SkyDB.  In simple terms, SkyDB can be used to make an app, which stores the user’s data and thus works like a decentralized version of DropBox.”

The major plus with this feature is that SkynetBox can be accessed from any device, by making use of any Skynet portal.

Also, SkyDB supports private and public files. The private files are encrypted and it is useful for building apps like SkynetBox; however, it is possible for them to use much more with public files.

SiaCoin (SC) Reach Wider Audiences

In response to SkyDB, one of the users stated that these updates would also reach wider audiences if they came via outlets like Coindesk / Messari / TheBlock / Bloomberg Crypto. Establishing these channels would also be helpful in marketing SkyNet.

Some users expressed Thanks for building SkyDB. A powerful technology that is going to change how future Gardens are getting built.  Further stated, it’s time for Devs to re-imagine what’s possible with Web3!

One of the users queried, what will be their Ethereum integration like? Further stated, that it seems like Sia should be competing with Filecoin to be the data storage for Ethereum Dapps that he can’t seem to find any clear integration guide or information about a bridge.

Some of them wondered how it was possible for them to drop money in Filecoin when it’s obvious that Siacoin is miles ahead of them.

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