Stellar Lumens (XLM) Anyone Can Develop a Stable Coin Like Tether (USDT)

The Stellar Ecosystem have put together a survey for their developers.  The survey is likely to take less than 10 minutes for completion.

Stellar tweeted:  “Are you building on Stellar? If so, SDF wants to hear from you! We’ve put together an ecosystem survey to help us get a sense of what you’re building, and to find out what key features or improvements you think we should focus on to make Stellar better.”

The purpose of the questions is to help Stellar Development Foundation to be able to serve different purposes.  The survey focuses on getting some information about Stellar Integration to provide for some sense about what they are trying to build on the Stellar Ecosystem.

The survey is also meant to find out if there is a requirement for identifying the key features and improvements, which SDF to should keep in place to make Stellar better.

The foundation ensures that the contact information if any gathered in the process will be used for strategic communication.  The information will not be shared with third parties true to their privacy policy.

Denelle Dixon, the CEO and executive director at the Stellar Development Foundation expressed, “The blockchain industry can’t innovate within the global financial system without diverse backgrounds and perspectives.”  

Concerning the same, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Contributors to technological development whether XRP, XLM, or any other blockchain need to be from diverse background to ensure product development which provides for diverse requirements of people from across the world.”

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Anyone Can Develop Stable Coin Like Tether (USDT)

The Power of Stellar comes from its powerful features like asset issuance, network distributed order books, and the path payments system.  This will further improve and simplify any kind of fintech product.

The good thing about Stellar is that you will be able to issue your own tokens on the ecosystem.  These tokens are redeemable and are tradable representation of any asset.  These tokens are very valuable when they are tied to currencies like Yuan or Euros, therefore providing for borderless payments which are instant.

On Stellar, it is possible to issue tokens for anything, whether you want to issue a token for corn bushels or shares or REIT or gold.

In simple terms, anyone will be able to come up with a stable coin like Tether. It is those who understand the value of the technology who actually make use of it. It helps to know more reading: Stellar Lumens Network to Home 26 Stable Coins for Everyday Use from Wirex and MasterCard Partnership.

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