Survey: Japanese Investors Prefer Bitcoin and XRP over Ethereum


Survey: Japanese Investors Prefer Bitcoin and XRP Over Ethereum


  • New survey results by cryptocurrency exchange BitMax show Japanese investors prefer bitcoin and XRP to ethereum.
  • NEM, MonaCoin and NANO were also represented as popular altcoins among investors. 

A recent survey by cryptocurrency exchange BitMax indicates Japanese investors are more interested in bitcoin and XRP than Ethereum. 

According to the survey results published to Twitter, 26% of polled investors said bitcoin was their preferred cryptoasset. XRP came in a close second among investors, with 25% of those polled indicating XRP as their preference. 

Despite having the second-largest market capitalization behind bitcoin, the survey found that ether was less popular with Japanese investors. According to the results, only 9 percent of respondents indicated ether as their top choice. 

The remaining 40% of voters were split between altcoins, with NEM (XEM), monacoin and nano being the most popular choices. 

Ripple, the payment protocol startup behind XRP, has had some success with their crypto-asset in Asian markets. Earlier in the year, it was announced that the Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings would be offering XRP as a benefit to shareholders. 

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