The Stellar Lumens (XLM) Hype Is Real Exclaims Community Member towards Meridian 2020

There are dozens and dozens of companies already building on Stellar.  However, it will be only good when small to medium size businesses choose to build on it directly Suo Motto.

One of the Stellar Enthusiast tweeted:  Today I met a wealthy person, owner of a tech company building on the #Stellar Block chain. He was surprised at how much I knew about the space. I was surprised he was building on #XLM… The first real use case I have heard regarding #Stellar. Maybe the hype is real?”

Stellar is everywhere, but it should be literally omnipresent to ensure mass adoption. The full potential of Stellar is not met.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Stellar Lumens (XLM) continues to help move money across borders for literally no costs or fractions or penny; however, the competition seems to be slowly building up.”

There was an open protocol discussion in the biweekly meeting of Stellar Lumens.  Those who are looking to have an update about what are the developments happening at the community, should focus on these meetings.  At the moment, development activities are focused on Protocol 14.

Stellar Tweeted:  “Join us today for the second broadcast of the Open Protocol Discussion, a bi-weekly meeting in which we discuss and plan for changes to upcoming versions of the Stellar Protocol.”

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Meridian Conference

Stellar Tweeted: “We are devoting this year’s #Meridian conference to respond to the urgency of now by creating a forum for global collaboration that focuses on ideas and accelerates action.”

The event in part focuses on stepping back to look deep in to the systemic and institutional problems which have been spreading below the surface long before the crisis actually began.  Challenges like outdated infrastructure, financial marginalization, inequality, lack of diversity, and opportunity gaps are to be dealt with.

Stellar are considering this as a moment to lead as opposed to retreating. While it is clear that some solutions can’t wait they are trying to create a global forum of collaboration bringing together a diverse set of perspectives, experiences, and ideas at Meridian 2020.

While driving innovation to deal with systemic challenges, they are focused on coming up with systems which will facilitate equitable access to global financial system and breaking down the barriers of financial inclusion.

The virtual conference is spread to be over 4 days, while they are sure these problems will not be solved in a short period of time, they are focused on building solutions and propelling forward each year.

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