Uniswap (UNI) Is Worth Having as an Option when Binance and Coinbase are Down

Uniswap is a very strong and high standard project from a successful company.  This is indeed a very cool project. It is expected that this project will be able to present itself as a much better project.

The Uniswap dev team are hiring for 4 engineering roles to help build the future of decentralized finance – Senior Frontend Engineer, Smart Contract Engineer, Full Stack Engineer, and Software Engineer Intern. 

The community recalls how Uniswap has never gone down since the initial launch of Uniswap v1 in November 2018.

However, there is no denying that the community are feeling the pinch of the gas fee and they feel that it is on fire and that it is almost impossible to make small transactions.  Users feel that unless trading massive size it doesn’t make sense to use Uniswap in times of expensive fees.

One of the testimony read:  Ethereum fees sky rocketing again! $80 to make a trade on Uniswap right now.

A justification testimony read:  I never paid more than $10-$15 for a Uniswap trade, even during the highest congestion. For smaller traders might be a bit too steep, but if you’re trading 4-5 figures, it’s very reasonable.

A common sense clarification stated that Uniswap is generally unusable for most of the time because the gas fee out-value the value of my trade. Gas fees and sever up-time are two separate issues with a common ground of user accessibility. The user further testified stating, for me, centralized exchanges have been more accessible despite downtime.

Many feel that Uniswap is still available when Binance and Coinbase go down.  Even if ETH gas fees is crazy, it is extremely important and many feel it is worth having an option when Binance and Coinbase are down.  It is true that Uniswap has comparatively less user base than Binance or Coinbase through.

For clarity, Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum.

Uniswap (UNI) 200 Community Integrations and Counting

For clarity a 2020 update about Uniswap reads:  Launching the Uniswap V2 protocol, Launching Uniswap Governance and the UNI token, $58bn in trading volume, up 15,000% from 2019, $2bn in liquidity, up 17,000% from last year, and Over 200 community integrations and counting.

Uniswap protocol expressed that 2020 was a breakout year for the Uniswap protocol, defying even their wildest expectations. However, they also approve that Uniswap is nothing without Ethereum and its uniquely special, ever-engaged community.

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