Unitize 2020 Day #3 July 08, 2020 on Asia’s role in the Future of Blockchain

Unitize 2020 Day #3 provided a flavor of what is there in the Blockchain Landscape in Singapore.

Wednesday, July 08, 2020 at Unitize 2020 covered for Asia’s Role in the Future of Blockchain; East Vs. West in Blockchain Ecosystem Building; Enabling the future of finance infrastructure in Asia, and on 2020 – the year of crypto derivatives.

 Alan Lim, Head of Blockchain Competency Center Asia Pacific at IBM and Eric Chan, Chief Architect of Open Platform at We Bank; Veronica Tan, Director Next Generation Platforms of Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore; Yi Ming NG, Founder at Tribe Accelerator spoke on Asia’s Role in the Future of Blockchain.

Asia as a whole has been on key area of focus for blockchain development.  Within the last 10 months countries like China, South Korea, and Singapore driving blockchain development. We hope to get some insight in to the role that Asia will play in the future of blockchain.

When asked what are your thoughts on the role that Asia will play in the global blockchain ecosystem, Eric Chan stated, one of the broader observations that I have seen continue to play especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation is that the key industries and governments across the world are continuously looking at ways in terms of how we can optimize, the movement of goods, data, and exchange of value across global supply chain. And, Asia is really a part of many of these supply chains, whether on the consuming side, Asia has been a key part in the global supply chain.

The CoVid-19 and the resulting impact and changes to the economy is very strongly and apparently stressed the importance of digitalization of trade.  Looking at new ways of working has becoming a top priority in a lot of economies and in a lot of countries. A lot of economies in Asia today are dependent on some of the export-driven areas, for example, food in places like Thailand.

One of the studies report that food and garbage exports are worth about 26 to 27 billion dollars. And, for it to grow one of the key things that should be noted is the aspect around transparency and quality of some of these goods that are exported out from countries like Thailand and more broadly the ecosystem itself.

And, if you look at places like Singapore, lot of focus is around things like being self-sufficient, sustainability, and that probably could be extended to other parts of Asia as well.

Where blockchain comes to play in some of these markets and economies is how we can leverage the idea of blockchain to introduce greater transparency in some of these areas.

How we can provide an avenue for less of the wastage of the food supply chain? How we can provide better visibility on the supply chain side? So, the efforts that we have been putting on this project, which looks at enabling a digital essentially what we turn it as an additional information platform that connects various parts of the supply chain together, which basically involves connecting a place in Asia to basically other places from across the world. Thus connecting value chain of the produce from the farmers, producers to retailers.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Unitize 2020 has a treasure of information from the insights of the key leaders in the blockchain industry. Worth watching the videos personally.”

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